The Scott Award

Langwith College is committed to promoting the arts among its students and the wider University and local community. Throughout the year, Langwith holds a variety of arts-based activities and provides spaces dedicated to the arts.

‘The Basement’ in Langwith contains two music practice rooms which students have access to, which additionally contain a range of musical instruments, to allow them the space to practice their musical pursuits.

The Scott Award Committee is a group of student leaders who organise and run arts-based activities within the college. The committee hold weekly workshops in ‘The Basement’, run by local artists, University societies, and themselves. In the past, workshops have included pumpkin carving, crocheting, lantern making, and creating sustainable art. The Committee also run Live Lounge open-mic nights in the Glasshouse, where students have the opportunity to play music or sing in front of an audience. 

The Committee also hold an annual exhibition in the Norman Rea Gallery where any student from the university can submit art to be exhibited, in accordance with a yearly theme. The exhibition doubles as a competition, with prizes being awarded to pieces which most adhere to the theme, judged by a group of local artists.

The Scott Award was made possible due to the remarkable generosity of the late Eileen and Michael Scott, who were both artists and honorary members of Langwith’s Senior Common Room. The Centre building holds numerous paintings donated by Michael and Eileen.

The Living Learning Community

The Langwith Living Learning Arts Community consists of two houses within Langwith College of individuals interested in the arts, creating a living environment to foster creative growth. The Community intends to promote the arts within the University and Langwith College and are focused on helping to nurture the artistic and musical pursuits of those in the community.

Being a part of the community provides a unique set of opportunities, including free access to the University’s arts spaces - the Wentworth Art Studio and Vanbrugh Music Rooms- and the ability to organise arts-based trips and events.

To find out more:

You can apply to be a part of the community, after you have applied for your accommodation, here: