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CONGRATULATIONS for getting into York University - Welcome to all things Green in Langwith! - Love the environment? Want to make a difference to the sustainability of the college? Or simply want to get outdoors or meet new people? Check out all of the activities, campaigns and projects you can get involved in below!

*WE ARE RECRUITING NOW* Environment and Ethics Officer (LCSA) x2

This was a new role introduced into Langwith’s student College Committee this year, providing a great opportunity to develop the sustainability of the college further.


“The Environment & Ethics officer promotes involvement with environmental and sustainable activities around Langwith”


If you are passionate about the environment and would to be more involved with in making the college more sustainable you should apply for this role (great for the CV!). There are two committee member positions, one to lead on the Green Impact Award whilst the other Connecting East (SEE BELOW). To find out more please email

“Green Impact is a sustainability accreditation programme with an awards element designed for departments. The model has been developed by NUS and is being used by nearly 400 organisations across the UK, including over 60 universities and colleges.”

Green Impact

The Green Impact Award is used throughout York University, departments and colleges and aims to improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact through a number of different steps. Starting with Bronze, you can then work to towards Silver and Gold followed by the Excellence award. Last academic year we successfully achieved ‘College Bronze’, it was a great achievement and we are hoping to work towards silver this year (2019/20). We had two Green Impact Project Assistants (GIPA) who helped out with the project last year making sure we achieved all our targets. If you would like to become a GIPA and want to know more, please contact , have a look at the webpage and check out our ‘Green Impact Board’ in the Langwith Centre building. We will be recruiting for GIPA early on in the year.

Connecting East

Set up just last year, Connecting East (CE) runs a many environmental events and projects throughout the year. Last year we had documentary nights, campus bat walks, campus nature walks, community litter picks, gardening club, photography competition and we helped organise One Planet Week (See further down the page for more information or visit: We have a large engagement with a student led sustainable food shop on West campus called SCOOP, which we use to buy snacks and drinks for each event: (FREE snacks from SCOOP for those who attend our events). We now have a Gardening club as part of CE, during the second term last year we ran weekly gardening sessions on a Wednesday afternoon to improve each of the three colleges’ raised beds which were overgrown by weeds – And there is still plenty to do! Each Campus East College now has a shelving unit with fixed growing lights. It has been set up for students to grow herbs under these conditions across the academic year. If you are involved in the gardening club, you can us look after the herbs and you will be able to take them home to eat once ready. For more information and updates of events, check out Email or to express your interest. Make sure to come and speak to us at the College Activity Fair!

“Connecting East is a new project that aims to bring together all three Heslington East Colleges; Goodricke, Langwith and Constantine. With a focus on nature and sustainability the project aims to connect students with one another whilst connecting them with the environment.”

“One Planet Week runs every year during Week 6 of Spring Term to celebrate sustainability research and work completed at the University of York, encouraging further action through workshops, seminars and social events.”

One Planet Week

On Campus East we run and integrate One Planet Week events over the three Heslington East colleges. Events last year included: Environmental Quiz, Food Fair & Swapshop, Sustainability Art Workshop, Volunteer Training at St Nicks and Local Litter Pick. Have a look at all the other events ran across the whole university during OPW here: Please email if you would like to become involved in this during the Spring Term.

NUS Student Switch off 

Unfortunately, Langwith came last in the University of York’s leader board for Recycling and Engagement, and second to last in the Energy section in this project last year. Help us to improve our ranking and become involved in our Green Impact Project this year. To find out more about the SSO and become involved please check out Or email for more information.

“Student Switch Off is a not-for-profit international campaign encouraging student action on climate change” “We run energy-saving, water-saving and recycling competitions within halls of residence at universities in the UK […]”

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