Langwith Alumni Relations and Engagement committee (LAR-E)



We are the Langwith Alumni Relations and Engagement Committee - affectionately known as LAR-E. LAR-E aims to serve as a liaison between former and current members of Langwith College. Primarily, LAR-E is responsible for reaching out to alumni and encouraging them to take a more active role within the college. This is done through a variety of events, some of which are exclusive to alumni, and others which include current students.


This year our aims are to engage alumni even more within the college in order to benefit our students, as well as giving back to alumni by hosting some really great events. Coming soon on the 7th March, we have our Langwith in London event, where we hope to catch up with recent graduates, as well as alumni from the earlier decades. Furthermore, this term the committee have been working on compiling a newsletter, to keep alumni up-to-date on what is happening in Langwith and how they can get involved.


We are in the process of launching a fundraising campaign at the end of this term to fund the Langwith Development Award so students can undertake summer projects, internships or volunteering without having to worry about costs. We hope to engage both current Langwith students, and Langwith alumni from across the country, to raise money for this worthwhile cause. More details will be released soon on how you donate and #getinvolved.


Lastly, our newest committee member Magalie has started to look over the Langwith archives and we hope to be able to digitalise these for all to enjoy. As well as organising information dating back from when Langwith opened in 1965, we also want to start documenting Langwith’s current happenings. If you have any images or information to share, these would be greatly appreciated.


Take a look at our alumni Facebook page here to keep up to date! More information is also available here: YorkSpace: home of York alumni association; Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA)


Langwith Love,

Lottie, Isabelle, Sahil and Magalie


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