A message from your President…

Hello! Welcome to Langwith College Student Association's (LCSA) page! We are a committee elected annually by Langwith students and, it is our job to ensure we maintain our reputation of being the best college at the University of York! As a committee, we work closely alongside the college team and YUSU to create a college calendar that is full of events, activities, and workshops for all students in Langwith to get involved in! 

At Langwith, we have so much to offer that you'd be crazy not to join us! Our events and activities are at the heart of our college community and help create that family-like dynamic, even though you're away from home. The LCSA takes pride in organising various events across the college! Our most important event of the year being freshers week, in which we host a week jam-packed full of events, activities and fun for you to get to know other members of the college. We also host annual and termly bar crawls in York and further afield. Our most famous ones this year being our annual Sheffield Bar Crawl and Leeds Bar Crawl . We also organise and run various fundraising events for our college charity (Student Minds), get involved in volunteering programs in the local community as well as supporting our numerous college sports teams in their termly fixtures! I and the committee, campaign and represent ourselves on behalf of our Langwith college students to ensure that Langwith is as good as it can be! 


As President, it is so important to me that every student in Langwith feels as though they can call Langwith a home away from home and never feels excluded. No matter who you are! Langwith is an inclusive and tight-knit community who will welcome you with open arms. Whether you are interested in the arts, sports, RAG, student politics, music or you just want to party. Langwith is the right place for YOU! We're always on the search for committed and dedicated Langwithians who can proudly say they are "Langwith Till They Die" to help be a part our, student committee! With elections annually every autumn, there's time for even new first-years to participate in our college community! 

Please check out our 2020 officers, and how to get in touch with them. If you have any questions at all, about student life in Langwith, the committee, or what it's like to be at the University of York please don't hesitate to ask! Email any of the exec team directly and do not forget to add us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on all things LANGWITH! 


Langwith love!!

James Harrison

LCSA President

Executive Team

James Harrison


Kathryn Sharpe


James Cook


Carla Dixon

Vice President

Events and Activities 

Maisie Jones

Vice President


Fran Dow

Vice President



Cal Cooke

Wellbeing and Community Officer

Luise Werner

 Wellbeing and Community Officer

Tamia Mangisi

BAME Officer

Elena Gebhard

Environment and Ethics Officer

Scott Clark

Disability Officer

Patrick Martin

Disability Officer

Ash Kuni

LGBTQ+  Officer

Owen Lawrence

LGBTQ+ Officer

Rachael Ong

International Wellbeing Officer

Abi Holyland

Events Officer


Jack Wilson 

Events Officer

Gemma Makin

Activities Officer

Ben Price

Activities Officer

Moh Poophat Phuphat

International Events Officer


Shayam Suseelan 

Sports Officer

Lily Parsons

Sports Officer

Anna Tattersall 

Sports Officer

Business & Communication

Annabelle Clayton

Merchandise Officer

Annabel Steele 

Merchandise Officer

Kirsten Box 

Rag & Volunteering


The Langaroo

College Mascot

LCSA Meeting Minutes

We like to be open and transparent about everything we're doing, so we keep our minutes and constitution up-to-date here for you to access when you want!


LCSA - Terms of Reference (2018 Constitution)

LCSA - Elections Handbook 2018

2020 Committee 

Summer Term


2020 Committee

Autumn Term




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