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Langwith's Living and Learning Community

The Living Learning Community at Langwith college is focussed on creating a space in which students interested in the arts can live with those who share such passions and have their interests nurtured by providing them with a unique range of opportunities.

Langwith is excited to announce that this year we have an additional house for the Living Learning Community. We now have an additional 8 spaces in premium en suite accommodation with a 44 week let, and 8 spaces in shared bathroom accomodation with a 40 week let.

The College provides a range of opportunities to students living in the Community in order to benefit their artistic interests. These include free membership to the Wentworth art studio and Vanbrugh music rooms, free access to weekly Scott Award workshops, the opportunity to work with the Scott Award Committee to run workshops, help with music tech, and shadow committee members’ roles to gain experience, and the ability to organise music based trips and events.

This year during the first term, the college plans to take those within the community for a cultural trip to Leeds to visit art spots and explore the city.

Previous members of the Living Learning Community have been involved in organising the Scott Award’s annual art exhibition, organising and helping to run the Langwith Live Lounge open-mic nights at Glasshouse, helping to found Langwith choir, attending local exhibition opening nights, playing live music at galleries, running their own arts workshops and joining bands.

If you would be interested in getting involved with the Community, you can apply after completing your accommodation application. Please make sure you make your top choices the two accommodation types we have available for the Community.

You can apply here:

Please contact the Scott Award Committee for further information at

We hope to hear from you!

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