• Megan Taylor, Julia Elder and Hannah Willcock

Humans of Langwith, part 2 - Your Sports Officers

Hello Freshers!

Welcome to Langwith, we know you’re going to love it here!

We are your sports officer: Megan Taylor, Julia Elder and Hannah Willcock. It’s our job (and our pleasure) to run all things sport in Langwith.

We operate as part of Langwith College Student Association (LCSA) doing things such as organising sporting events, working with and supporting our teams and encouraging people to #getinvolved. We will be about during Freshers and would love for you to introduce yourselves!

Langwith has such a great atmosphere for sport which just continues to build upon itself year after year. We support 13 sports teams here in Langwith ranging from big pitch games like football and rugby right through to inside sports like pool and darts. We do everything we can to create opportunities for sports people who join us and would love to be able to do just that for you. Check out our facebook page [Langwith College Sport] or our instagram @langwithsport to see some of the things we’ve done or get in contact with us. Click the like or follow button to stay updated through freshers week and your years with us in Langwith.

During your Freshers Week we will be hosting sign-ups for all our teams at the Activities Fair - which you will hear all about in due time - so come down say “hi” to us and your captains, get yourself signed up to some of our great teams and enjoy the Langwith air! Following this there will be plenty of taster sessions commencing, make sure you ask the captains for information on these so you don’t miss out..

We really encourage you to #getinvolved with sports at Langwith and if you don’t play a sport then that’s great too, we put out a weekly spotlight via our social media on all the upcoming matches for the week to come so why not grab some friends put on your best Langwith outfit and go support your college.

There are some great tournaments to get involved with throughout the year - we have a college varsity against Durham coming up in Spring term (we play at home this year) where you’ll have the opportunity to represent Langwith or cheer on your fellow Langwithians, college cup initiates in summer term for all our teams and there will be plenty of charity tournaments in between put on by us with the help of your captains.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all

We look forward to meeting you!

Langwith Love From

Your Sports Officers

Megan, Julia and Hannah


#sports #getinvolved

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