• Cal Cooke, Moya Morrison and Hannah McIntosh

Humans of Langwith, part 3 - Your STYM committee

Hello from your STYM Committee!

STYMs are a unique part of university life at York and can be a confusing concept to many! There are many aspects to the role of being a STYM including providing guidance and providing handy tips and tricks for surviving year one of student life.

So what is it that we actually do as STYMs?

A STYM is a second or third year mentor to help guide first years through the daunting experience that is first year. STYMs provide support for their mentees in many different ways, including giving general advice about budgeting or academic affairs, as well as being a friendly face for if anything should start going wrong. Not only this, but STYMs are designed to be a student’s first port of call for any questions about university life and life in York.

STYMs are there from the first day you move into university and remain with you for your entire first year. While your STYCs are with you for the first week, STYMs are a constant contact for the year.

The STYM system is a great part of life at university and we hope to continue improving it for the benefit of our students. There’s nothing better than getting advice from the people that have been in your shoes recently!

If you would like to know more about the scheme feel free to drop our communications coordinator, Moya, an email at, where we will happily answer any questions.

We look forward to seeing you around Langwith!

Langwith love from

Your STYM Committee

Cal, Hannah and Moya

#Wellbeing #freshersweek

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