• Ezekiel Wallis & Katie O'Hara

Humans of Langwith, Part 4 - Your LGBTQ+ officers

Hi there! We’re Zeke and Katie - your Langwith LGBTQ+ Officers - here to welcome you into our college community and tell you a bit about what to expect from your first semester.

It goes without saying that starting university can be stressful, and chances are if you identify as LGBTQ+ you’ll have additional concerns. For example, should you come out to your flatmates? Is now the right time to begin transitioning? Where can you go to meet other LGBTQ+ people? What can you do if you’re experiencing discrimination? We are here to help you answer such questions.

We will be hosting a relaxed meet-up during fresher’s week. Please come along and introduce yourself, make some friends, eat snacks, and let us know what we can do to help you feel happy and comfortable at Langwith. You can also contact us via email or on facebook (see below). Whether you want to ask a question, arrange to meet in person, or just say hello, we’d be happy to hear from you!

Over the course of the semester we will be holding drop in sessions and organising pre-meets for LGBT social events. We also have a collection of donated clothes freely available for any interested trans/non-binary/questioning Langwithians! We work with the other wellbeing officers to ensure that everyone at the college has a voice. We’re excited to hear yours!

Enjoy your Summer, and good luck for the new academic year!

All the best,

Katie O’Hara: Ezekiel Wallis:

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