• Dawn Howe, Molly Brean and Molly Dawson

Humans of Langwith, Part 7 - Your events officers

Hello Freshers!

Welcome to Langwith, and well done for choosing the best college on campus - you’re going to love it! We are Molly, Dawn and Molly, your events officers for this year. We’re part of the Langwith College Student Association (LCSA) and it’s our job to plan and run all the college events, bar crawls, formals, and most importantly a jam-packed Freshers week alongside the rest of the committee!

Langwith has a reputation for throwing some of the best events on campus, and this year has already proven to be no exception! We’ve already held the first annual Leeds bar crawl (Basshunter even made an appearance!) and thrown the biggest and best Summer Formal yet, but the best is yet to come with Freshers Week and our infamous Sheffield Bar Crawl around the corner, as well as everyone’s favourite, the Winter Formal at the end of term. We’re no strangers to a student night (Sunday Revs is a particular favourite), so we’ll be sure to see you there throughout term, as well as at the bar crawls around York that we’ll be organising along the way.

During Freshers Week we’ll be around on move-in day, handing out your Freshers wristbands and t-shirts, as well as stopping by a few flats before we head out every night to make sure that everyone’s rocking each night’s theme and keeping up Langwith’s reputation as the university’s most fun college! We’ll be around all night making sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone’s having the best time, so be sure to say hi if you see us, and let us know if you have any questions. We’re sure that you’ll be screaming ‘Langwith Till I Die’ along with us before you even know it!

Make sure that you’re part of the Langwith Facebook page (Langwith College Official) and follow the instagram (@langwithcollege) to keep up with all the latest events and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us with any events ideas, suggestions for improving existing ones or just a general chat, we’re excited to meet all of you!

Langwith Love,

Molly, Dawn and Molly


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