• Aly Vella

Meet the EXEC - Aly, your Events Vice President

The thing I love the most about Langwith is how much of a community we are from day one. I would definitely say make the most of first year because it’s most likely the only time in your life where you have all your best friends living so closely around you. I also make the most of the different study spaces so close as well, when I had to really concentrate I’d grab a Starbucks and head to a quite spot in the piazza or a pod over looking the lake, but if it was something a bit easier I’d do it over a couple of drinks in the glasshouse. It’s an extremely sociable college and it makes the whole education part of uni so much easier because of it. If you’ve had a stressful week you can always sing it out at Glasshouse karaoke on a Friday or chill out in the cosy corner with a colouring book. From day one Langwith felt like home to me and I’m sure it will to all of you

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