• Rosie Evans

Meet the EXEC - Georgia, your Activities Vice President

Hi all!

Congrats! You are about to join the best college at York!

I'm Georgia the Vice President of Activities! My role is to support the Activities sub committee to organise all Activities around the college! Whether that be supporting our amazing sports officers to establish the Langwith Sports awards, help our Volunteering and RAG (Raising and Giving) officers to run the best college RAG events in the University or supporting the Environment and Ethics officers to increase Langwith’s sustainability. I work within the LCSA to run regular fun events in college no matter what your interests are!

Moving so far away from home was terrifying and Langwith has been a big part of my University experience making me feel at home from day one! I feel really strongly that everyone should and can #getinvolved in Langwith which is why I work with the LCSA to ensure we have events that appeal to every Langwithian!

This Freshers’ week I will be in charge of running the daytime and alternative events along with the STYM committee and I really hope you guys enjoy them!

Finally, I just want to say I can’t wait for you to have fab freshers week like I did! I hope you really get involved in the activities and clubs that are of interest to you. There will be an opportunity on Tuesday of Freshers’ Week at the Langwith Activities Fair to sign up to clubs and get information about activities so make sure you are there!

If you have any questions or ideas (now or in the future) drop me an email at or message me on Facebook!

See you all soon!



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