• Bjorn Manning

Meet the EXEC - Bjorn, your Wellbeing Vice President


I'm Bjorn, Vice President for Wellbeing in Langwith.

Well done! You’ve managed to get into a Russel Group university, the hard part is officially over.

Wellbeing basically includes everything to do with your happiness and health at university. The Wellbeing subcommittee is made up of students passionate about making sure that you feel represented and valued within our college community. We have officers elected to represent you on disability, LGBTQ+, and BAME issues as well as having an officer dedicated to international student’s wellbeing.

We hold regular wellbeing events over the course of the year, from free food to dog petting. As wellbeing VP I also oversee the STYC programme in college. STYCs are basically there to make sure that you don’t get into kind of danger and get home alive during freshers week. You will find out more about their role once you arrive!

When I started university I was pretty nervous but as soon as i got to Langwith i felt welcomed and had an amazing freshers week. University is all about meeting new people, so when it comes to confidence you have to fake it till you make it. Everyone else is probably just as nervous as you are, if not more so, and we have a whole variety of events planned so that there is something for everyone!

It's massively important that you know your limits. Don't fell pressured to put yourself into situations that make you feel uncomfortable in order to look cool or impress people. Your mental and physical wellbeing should be your top priority so don't be afraid to say no. Only you know whats best for your mental wellbeing.

If I could say one thing to myself before my fresher’s week it would be to put myself out there more and stress less about what other people think. Be genuinely yourself and you will eventually meet some really good friends.

I'm going to be around throughout fresher’s week so if you have any questions or just want a chat, come and say hi!

You can reach me via email at or message me on Instagram @bjornmanning if you have any questions.

See you in freshers week :)


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