• Sally Marlow

Meet the EXEC - Sally, your 2019 President

Hi Everyone!

I’m Sally, President of Langwith.

I firstly wanted to congratulate you on your great successes with your A-Level results and a massive warm welcome to your new home, Langwith College! The LCSA and I are so excited to welcome you in just a few days, and we have been working so hard for months to ensure that your first experience here is as welcoming, fun and memorable as it can be!

University is an experience that is difficult to put into words! It is an experience like no other, a way to really grow and develop yourself. Langwith is the perfect place for this.

On results day I had mixed emotions of being extremely proud of myself and excited about going to University, but also terrified as I would be leaving home. Langwith is a warm and welcoming community that greets everyone with open arms! I came to University quite shy and quiet but now I have found my voice! I ran for student President and it was the best decision of my life. I got to meet loads of new people, work with an amazing team to improve Langwith and make it the best it can be, as well as listen to views on what we can do to make the college and University a better home for all!

As President I oversee the workings of all the subcommittees from wellbeing to sport, fundraising and volunteering to events and activities that we host throughout the year. Our committee holds events like LGBTQ drop in sessions, to volunteering opportunities, bar crawls far and wide, extravagant formals and different sporting events to get as many people involved in college life as possible!

I also work very closely with the other Chairs and Presidents to ensure that we try our best to meet the requests of our students! No issue, big or small, we try our hardest to get it resolved!

Myself and the committee have worked endlessly to ensure that your University career starts with a Bang! And we have a jam-packed calendar which caters for all interests throughout the week! We will be showing what York nightlife has to offer, the different campus wide events that go on throughout the year as well as the different activities we as a college have to offer. You’ll always find me somewhere around Langwith during freshers, so please say hi! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me or the rest of the committee! We’re here to make your experience at Langwith unforgettable!

See you in a few days :)

Loads of Langwith Love!

Sally Marlow

President of LCSA

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