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Special thanks goes to DARO, Susie Braithwaite, Ralitsa Padalska, Dan Golton, Ben Jancso, Grace Randall and Francesca Sterlini for all the help on the campaign.

Since October 2015, Langwith has been home to two brand new Common Rooms on-campus!


To complement their construction, the Student Association ran a campaign in collaboration with the University's YuStart campaign programme to raise money for furnishing the two rooms for students! After three months, and after communicating with hundreds of students and alumni of the College, we secured over £4000 in total to spend on the new rooms!


Here you can find out more about the rooms' construction, the names of those who donated (thanks again guys!), and how we spent the money raised!


You can find more on the booking and general use of the rooms on the College's website here.





"A room for the players, a room for the party animals. A room for the musicians and the photographers. A room for the hard workers, and the hardly workers. A room for your friends, your best friends and your even more than best friends. For now and years to come. A room for Langwith. A 'Room to Grow'!"


















Through collaboration with the University's Department of Alumni Relations, in June 2015 we launched the Langwith 'Room to Grow' campaign with the target of raising money for furnishing our two newly planned common rooms! With the help of students, we created a campaign video, managed a network of helpers in reaching out to students and alumni and, by September, raised over £3000 towards our total via the YuStart website. You can find our campaign pitch over at the YuStart here.




Two months of construction work, now furnished and ready! Check out our new common rooms, The Corner Room and The Basement in the gallery below...

The Campaign

The Rooms

Our Sponsors...

  Thanks again!

Jared Durrance
Fiona Polack
Sophia Duffy
Alice Balhatchet
Laura Hyne
Jessie Mark
Heather Laws
James Brown
Ethan Plumb

Claire Reading
Scott Dawson

Chris Thompson
Ollie Wedgwood
Emily Duff

Kevin Young
Jennifer Plummer
Molly Hawthorne
Saba Mahmood
Jess Causby
Eleanor Gorringe
Hannah Welsh
Guillem Zamora
Chloe Maria Price
Laura Burdon
Anna Jeavons
Kay Godfrey
Machiko Watabe

Alice Lovell
Alexa Le Moine
Alex Glynne-Percy
Bea Watts
Nikki Airey
Jacob Newport
Alex Byron
Bryony Holdsworth
Liu Chengqing
Dan Golton
Amy White

Andrew Taylor
Bethan Harman
Ben Hudson
Sam Maguire
Francesca Sterlini
Ben Grindell

Ellie Stones

Hayley Mackay
Misha Mayet
Caitlin Quinlan
Charles Washington Carver
Louise Cotrel-Gibbons
Robert Kerry
Annabel Hawkins
Barnaby Gibb
Tom Walker
Ben Jancso
Hira Bashir

Bert Byron
Sara Alfonso
Tariq Perera
Edi Adegbola
Josh Watts
David Cudlip
Matt Smith
Charlotte Liddell
Sean Gater
Suzanne Dekker
Jacqui Chainey
Nicholas Paul
Alisha Miller

Alvin Pang
Hannah Lenoir
Kate Wilkinson
Harry Toynton
Marie-Claude Hemming
Rebecca Henerty
Wendy Jackson
Usman Khan
Livi Pointon
Grace Randall

Jonny Exon

Nichola Byron

Mike O'Shea

Charles Blessing

Oliver Henn
Andy Tiberia
Alison Jayne Whiting