A message from your Volunteering officers...

Volunteering in Langwith is a really fun way to get involved with the college community as well as the wider community of York. Volunteering is a hugely rewarding experience as you are doing something good to benefit others whilst making friends for life.

At the moment, we’re mainly promoting one off opportunities which don’t require a long-term commitment but allow you to help a good cause. We’re also working closely with NightSafe and Nightline, which are part of the Student Services and run across the whole university. In the past, Langwith has run opportunities such as crafternoons which allowed volunteers to drop in on Sunday afternoons and create crafts with local kids.

Check out our 2018 Facebook page, Langwith College Volunteering, to find out what we’re currently working on and what we have got planned!

If you have any questions or ideas for volunteering opportunities, please get in touch via activities@langwithcollege.com !

From your volunteering officers,

Laura and Julia